Meet Fiorella

The wellness coach who went from zero paying clients to getting hired by her dream mentor + selling out live events.

Today, she sells a $1,500 package.

Before GKGC, Fiorella was clear that she wanted to serve—but she wasn’t well known and had no clients.

Using Selena’s strategies on building her network with meaningful relationships, Fiorella started connecting with influencers in her industry, which eventually led to a strong relationship with her own mentor—the top meditation teacher in Australia.

In this video, you’ll find out how Fiorella…
  • Approached one of the biggest VIPs in her industry and developed a relationship with him (he’s now promoting Fiorella’s events to his own network!).
  • Started collecting testimonials—before she even had paying clients.
  • Gained the confidence to start selling a $1,500 package, while feeling completely natural and comfortable in her sales conversations.
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