Meet Caitlin

The lifestyle coach and new mom who learned how to maximize her time—and whose new book became an Amazon #1 bestseller.

Caitlin got 100s of hot prospects on her list.

Caitlin wanted to work with more clients, but she also had a newborn baby and wanted to be highly focused so she could spend time with her daughter.

The only problem was—her ideal clients don’t live in her small town in Mexico. She knew she needed to build an online presence.

Since joining GKGC, Caitlin has been regularly featured on MindBodyGreen and Elite Daily. Within days of publication, her new book was named an Amazon Hot Release and became a #1 bestseller in its category.

In this video, you’ll find out how Caitlin…
  • Started guest posting, pitching herself, and using GKGC follow-up strategies to build relationships + an online presence.
  • Drummed up excitement around the launch of her new book.
  • Got laser-focused with her time (she only works 3 days a week, so she can spend time with her daughter!).
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